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Why People Choose Us

From Front to Back of the house we are a full service commercial food service firm dedicated to facilitating solutions for every application.

Interested in Hands-on Testing?

Contact us to schedule a hands-on testing session in Kansas City or St. Louis.


Foodtec Distribution Quality Food Service & Supplies

Foodtec Distibution is dedicated to facilitating solutions for the food service industry. We partner with manufacturers to serve the regional and local markets by offering top-notch customer service and tailoring programs to meet individual needs. We are able to provide such services through our extensive resources and knowledgeable and reliable sales staff.

  • Hands-on opportunities for education and training are available in our test kitchens located in Kansas City and St. Louis.
  • We work with dealers and customers to design individual programs and marketing ideas to meet their specific needs.
  • Our sales team participates in continuing education and training opportunities in order to provide our customers with up-to-date solutions and knowledge of the products we represent.
  • We continue to maintain open lines of communication with manufacturers and customers to best serve everyone’s needs